General tools

  1. Accessibility

    Color Contrast Finder

    Find colors and pass contrast ratio.

  2. Accessibility

    Contrast text on image

    Emulate visual disabilities and contrast.

  3. Accessibility

    Image Filter

    Check the contrast for the text that overlaps images.

  4. Quality

    HTML Partial Page Validator

    Validate your page and any part of it separately.

  5. Quality


    Compress images on the client-side.

  6. Security

    CSP Evaluator

    Check if a Content Security Policy (CSP) serves as a strong mitigation against cross-site scripting attacks.

  7. Security

    SRI Hash Generator

    Subresource Integrity Hash Generator.

  8. Security

    htaccess tester

    Test your .htaccess rewrite rules.

  9. Security

    Random password generator

    Use the random password generator to create a secure password.