Web Automated Audit

The AI-powered SiteLint Audits Platform is a next-generation SaaS-type platform that allows you to set up audits on your site and gather all reports from the scanning in one place. It works by relying on a small bit of JavaScript code that runs on your website. This code is activated when visitors arrive on your site. It allows you to perform audits directly on your page and send the results so that you can better understand issues. All works in real-time (on-the-fly).

How SiteLint web automated audit works?

SiteLint Audits works in an active way, unlike the classic passive way. The active way means that audits are being executed when users visit your site. Passive means that your site is being scanned by the application located on the server side.

One Platform to work with Digital Accessibility Audit, Error and Console Tracking, Quality Assurance Audit, Performance Audit, Privacy, Security Audit, and SEO. Since all of these areas overlap with each other and have one place to manage, they give a wider perspective. It saves time, as you have all your reports in one place.

  1. Our automated scanning tool SiteLint Audits Platform helps you scan and monitor in real-time because it works on the client side.
  2. One page, one report. When you change anything on the page, SiteLint Change Detection will be done automatically, and results will be updated on the fly.
  3. Effective Prioritization Bug Fixes. Knowing where the issues appear and how often the page has been visited leads to better prioritization of bug fixes.
  4. Better results and more automated testing. The platform does not focus on project management as it costs overhead, communication overhead, and time overhead.
  5. It is easy to track the remediation process. Once the issue has been fixed, it will be removed automatically from the report.
  6. There is no need to schedule any monitoring or authentication flow because all SiteLint Audits are being executed on the client side.
  7. We do not store sensitive data so it is safe to scan content with sensitive data.
  8. Managing false positives can be done directly in the code so you can instruct the SiteLint Audits Platform about false positives.
  9. Running on a real user environment – Our audits aren’t limited to a single environment. They are working on the client side when visitors arrive on your site. That gives more precise results, like what type of browser, operating system, device type, and more.
  10. All audits are SiteLint-only. We are not using third-party tools.

Unlock optimal web development with SiteLint’s symbiotic approach

SiteLint’s symbiotic approach to web development integrates all critical aspects, ensuring optimal SEO, accessibility, performance, security, and visual quality. By addressing these elements simultaneously, SiteLint helps you deliver a seamless and user-friendly online experience, keeping your website or application competitive and relevant in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.