User Feedback Recordings

Resolve issues even faster with screen, audio, and voice recording. Every piece of customer feedback has its own story. Record and watch them with built-in video screen recording and voice recording. No more third-party extensions are necessary to get video feedback from the user. All work comes directly from the browser!

How does the built-in video screen recording work without any third-party extensions?

The built-in video screen recording works directly within the browser, eliminating the need for third-party extensions. It captures the user’s screen and audio, allowing for seamless and efficient issue resolution.

How does user feedback recording work?

  1. Create user feedback recording. Simply provide the name of the recording, customer email, website URL, and requested scenarios.
    SiteLint and create user feedback recording form
  2. The user will record the session at the most convenient time for him. All that is needed is to follow the link sent in the invitation.
    SiteLint and Record User Feedback page
  3. Review user feedback recordings. Instantly review and analyze incoming screen recordings and voice feedback.
    SiteLint and view user feedback recording