Find and solve problems that impact users on your site.

  • Determine problems that impact organic traffic via search engines – SEO.
  • Find out what impacts your slow site loading – Performance.
  • Ensure all users, including those with disabilities, can access the content – Accessibility.
  • Identify security vulnerabilities – Security.
  • Track and solve technical issues that prevent users from your site usage – Quality.

All audits are performed client-side which means real users, real networks, and real devices. That changes the game.

SaaaS – Site Audits as a Service

SiteLint Platform Audits section


No crawling or auditing in specific time intervals

With SiteLint Audits, you don’t need to crawl an entire site as the audits are running directly on the client-side and run 24/7/365.

Everything you need, on a single page

Accessibility, Performance, Privacy, Security, SEO – all in one place so you can react faster and make your product better.

Fix priority issues first

Start fixing the issues based on most frequently visited pages as well as to know how many pages are affected by the same issue.

Track issues and remediation progress

Overall score timeline, top issues, top pages with most errors and warnings, by impact type, errors and warning timeline.

Accessible content and services

Many countries and international organizations require compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), or Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Ensuring that your business is accessible promotes inclusion, avoids potential lawsuits, and opens your business up to a wider audience.

Measure performance

Find out what impacts your slow site loading. Get total page load and render time, count total loaded assets and many more.


  • Simple and human readable reports that help to understand issues straight.
  • See what other pages are affected by the same issue.
  • Get the full report from all pages in one place.
  • Fixed issue will be reflected on the report immediately without crawling your site.
  • Find out on which device the issue happens.
  • Track for the whole site overall score, scores by audit, overall score timeline, progress timeline, top issues, top pages with most errors and warnings, average issues count by impact type.
  • Modern technology, no crawling, live updates, support for Single Page Application, cross environment, cross devices, no impact on the site performance and fully accessible.
SiteLint Plafform Audits section


  • Automated Audits

    Get access to our SiteLint Audits Platform and perform active real-time automated audits. No random scanning. Just pages and reports used by your users!

  • Support in Development

    Have you found issues, but not sure how to fix them or where to start? Or you would like to include SiteLint into your CI/CD pipeline? We are truly integrated part of your team. Get in touch so we can help you.

  • UX / UI Support

    Applying UX/UI rules that includes Accessibility can be done before software development starts. Follow our UX / UI checklist and get support on how to implement solutions.

  • VPAT Services

    If your organisation requires Section 508 conformance, you need a VPAT – Voluntary Product Accessibility Template.

  • User Testing

    Testing using different devices, handle cases that can’t be automated.

  • Trainings

    Practical and simple trainings based on our findings and experience.


  • Accessibility

    Active realtime audits, ADA, AODA and WCAG 2.1 compliant, User and Mobile Testing, Remediation, VPAT services, UX / UI Accessibility consultations.

  • Quality and Tracking Errors

    Track JavaScript runtime errors. Find invalid links, excessively large images size and more.

  • Performance

    Monitor, analyse and optimize your website or application speed and performance, based on performance best practices.

  • Privacy

    Determine tracker IP anonymisation settings, mixed HTTP and HTTPS content and more.

  • Security

    Determine missing HTTPS protocol, check for links to cross-origin destinations and more.

  • SEO

    Get technical SEO advice that along with content marketing and link building impacts on the higher ranking and increased traffic.

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