Alternative text for CSS generated contentArticle contains
  1. Creating alternative description for CSS content property
  2. Implementation and usage
  3. Workable example
macOS - find, start, stop, and restart the Apache web serverArticle contains
  1. Determine which Apache server is currently being used on macOS
    1. Check running Apache processes
    2. Using which and whereis commands
    3. Check Apache configuration
  2. Internal Apache
  3. Homebrew Apache
  4. Conflict between internal Apache and Apache installed via Homebrew
  5. How to stop and prevent auto-starting the internal Apache server on macOS
  6. apachectl vs httpd
    1. apachectl
    2. httpd
The intersection between SEO and Digital AccessibilityArticle contains
  1. The symbiotic relationship between SEO and Accessibility
    1. Faster Loading, Cleaner Coding
    2. Engaging and accessible content
    3. Inclusive design equals expanded reach
    4. Mobile Accessibility: A Vital Link
    5. The comprehensive advantage of accessible web design
  2. Conclusion: SEO and Accessibility Hand in Hand
Two wooden hearts with the words: SEO and Accessibility

The intersection between SEO and Digital Accessibility

Making sure your website is accessible to everyone is important not just for fairness, but also for improving its online presence. Accessibility isn’t just a fancy extra feature, it’s a crucial part of creating a good website. When you focus on making your site accessible, you also improve its chances of being found by search engines, which benefits both your users and your site’s ranking.

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Resolving the script tag type attribute hash prepending issue with CloudflareArticle contains
  1. Solution for hash prepending issue with Cloudflare
  2. Final notes
"JavaScript" sentence and script HTML element

Resolving the script tag type attribute hash prepending issue with Cloudflare

If your script HTML tag has the type attribute prepended with a hash, like <script type="ea10e272b0a1989fb2f3aa4e-text/javascript">...</script> and you’re using Cloudflare services, then the root cause is the Cloudflare Rocket Loader, a feature of Cloudflare that optimizes the loading of JavaScript resources on your web pages.

Rocket Loader modifies the type attribute of script tags for website loading optimization by deferring the loading of JavaScript until after rendering. This modification can sometimes cause issues with HTML validation and Content Security Policy (CSP) headers.

Cloudflare Rocket Loader adds an argument “type” into the script tag and causing issues with the W3C validator due to the “subtype missing” error.

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Using htaccess to remove trailing slashes in WordPressArticle contains
  1. Step 1: Update the .htaccess with a configuration block for Apache
  2. Step 2: Update Permalinks
  3. Benefits of removing trailing slashes from website URLs
Get days between two dates in JavaScriptArticle contains
  1. JavaScript code for calculating days between two dates
  2. Code explanation
  3. Practical example with unit tests for calculating days between dates
Get and capitalize the first letter of a string in JavaScriptArticle contains
  1. How strings are represented in JavaScript?
  2. Getting and capitalizing the first character of a string in JavaScript
  3. Practical example: Capitalizing the first letter of a string
8 top AI search engines, free and paidArticle contains
  1. Benefits of AI search engines
  2. Not everything that shines is gold. Understanding AI search engines.
  3. Perplexity
  4. Phind
  6. Komo
  7. Brave Leo AI
  8. Kagi
  9. Bing Copilot
  10. Google Gemini
  11. Conclusion
Best practices for optimizing SVG codeArticle contains
  1. Minify the code
  2. Compress the SVG files
    1. Enabling serving SVGZ files in Apache
    2. Enabling serving SVGZ files in Nginx
    3. Enabling serving SVGZ files in IIS
    4. Example page with SVG and SVGz
  3. Inkscape allows you to create optimized SVGs directly
    1. A step-by-step guide on how to save optimized SVG in Inkscape
    2. Additional options for optimization
  4. Command-line tool
Chart your course to accessibility: a guide for businessesArticle contains
  1. A guide to making things more accessible
  2. The current state of the field
  3. An urge for companies to act
Hand-held smartphone with two monitors on the sides

Chart your course to accessibility: a guide for businesses

It is unacceptable to treat accessibility as an afterthought in this digital era. It’s essential for a welcoming society since it ensures that people with all kinds of abilities can use and benefit from the same resources. Disability affects over 15% of the world’s population of approximately 8 billion people. In other words, 1.3 billion people are directly affected, according to the World Health Organization. This is a staggering number that is only going to increase due to reasons like an aging population.

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