What is the Master Recovery Key?

Master Recovery Key helps you identify yourself so we can allow you to get access to the encrypted data. It is created during your Sign Up process and is available on the Sign Up Welcome page.

What is the encrypted data?

End-to-end encryption is a strong solution to ensure users’ online security and data privacy. End-to-end encryption means all the encryption happens on your device so all your files leave your phone or computer already encrypted.

At the moment, all attachments used in the Notes are encrypted with your private key and encryption is done on your device before sending it to the server. We do not have access to the note attachments. If you change your password without providing the original Master Recovery Key value, then you won’t be able to decrypt attachments from the notes.

Password and its recovery

We are not storing your password in our database. The Master Recovery Key allows you to reset your password. Keep it safe – print it, store it on a USB key or save it to your password manager.

You’ll be able to reset your password without knowing the Master Recovery Key, but all encrypted data won’t be available anymore.