How to check if SiteLint is working

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  1. Content Security Policy
  2. Google Tag Manager
  3. Script tags type attribute hash prepended

Content Security Policy

Is your site protected by the Content Security Policy (CSP)? If it does, you must add and to the list of allowed domains.

Apache example:

Header add Content-Security-Policy "script-src; connect-src 'self';"

Google Tag Manager

The SiteLint code snippet may not work when loaded by Google Tag Manager. A common reason is that Google Tag Manager is blocked by ad blockers.

Script tags type attribute hash prepended

If the SiteLint code snippet has the type attribute prepended with a hash, like <script type="ea80e272b0a1989fb2f3aa4e-text/javascript">...</script> and you’re using Cloudflare services, then the root cause is the Cloudflare Rocket Loader.

You can:

See article: Resolving the script tag type attribute hash prepending issue with Cloudflare.