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SiteLint’s NPM packages

  • Improving attribute lazy loading (@sitelintcode/improved-attribute-lazy-loading):

    Optimizing lazy loading for image, video, and audio that includes time visibility in the viewport. In other words, if the image, video, audio is not minimum 1 second in the browser viewport then don’t load it.

  • Optimize image on the client side (@sitelintcode/optimize-image-on-the-client-side):

    Optimize image after selecting using <input type="file">. The optimization process takes place in the background and it’s done automatically by listening for changes on all inputs type file.

  • Accessible Gallery (@sitelintcode/accessible-gallery):

    Accessible Gallery allows you to create an image gallery automatically directly from the HTML.

  • HTML to Speech (@sitelintcode/html-to-speech):

    Convert HTML to a readable string. To make your web page content readable you need to convert it to the readable string. Using simply textNode or innerText isn’t sufficient as there are other elements that needs to be processed: images, form controls, etc.

  • CSS Lazy Loading Background (@sitelintcode/css-lazy-loading-background):

    Lazy loading CSS background isn’t available out of the box in the browser. Therefore this package should help to achieve that.

  • Angular and create a list of static assets with their hashes (@sitelintcode/angular-static-assets-hash):

    LCache busting static files (images, pdfs, pngs, etc.) for the Angular application.

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