Troubleshooting recording issues

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Troubleshooting recording issues

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User Feedback Recordings (main menu item is called User Feedback) feature requires selecting and granting permission to capture the contents of a display or portion thereof (such as a window) and to audio (microphone). If recording desktop activity doesn’t work for you please follow the below points that may help to determine the root cause.


  1. You see in Firefox: No video with supported format and MIME type found. The media-related technologies required by Firefox are not installed by default on Windows KN and N Edition. This is how they vary from other versions of Windows.
  2. There are browser plug-ins that may be corrupt or interfere with the video-playing system. Try to disable temporary extensions to verify if none of them impacts the recordings.
  3. There might be a camera or microphone access issue. See instructions on how to enable access to the camera and/or microphone for following browsers:
  4. To check which mime-type is supported by your browser visit the page Supported mime-type returned by MediaRecorder.isTypeSupported.


To record audio and/or video you may need to allow apps (usually the browser you use) permission to use a camera and microphone. Example:

MacOS security and privacy settings for video and microphone
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