Simple image gallery - accessible, responsive and with preloadingArticle contains
  1. Desired features
  2. Demo
  3. Tips for creating an accessible image gallery
Create custom and accessible tooltipArticle contains
  1. Requirements for creating custom and accessible tooltips in HTML
  2. Notes
    1. Reduce motion using CSS prefers-reduced-motion
    2. How to make tooltips with only CSS?
  3. Experimental example
  4. How a screen reader works with our tooltip
  5. Frequently Asked Questions about tooltips
    1. Do screen readers read tooltips?
    2. How do users access a tooltip?
    3. Why is it called a tooltip?
    4. Should you put links in tooltips?
What is digital accessibility?Article contains
  1. #Understanding and implementing accessibility: a practical guide
  2. #Web Accessibility Initiative: ensuring inclusivity for all users
  3. #Web Accessibility Success Criteria: enhancing user experience for people with disabilities
  4. #WCAG Conformance levels: achieving optimal accessibility standards
  5. #A Summary of digital accessibility best practices
  6. #Essential minimum requirements for web accessibility
  7. Crafting an Accessibility Statement for your website
  8. #Concluding remarks: essential considerations for digital accessibility