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Why was SiteLint founded?

Learn more about what SiteLint is and how it can help you to improve your app or site quality.

Keeping a website or application at a high-quality level is a challenge. No matter what type of business you own, you will need software that is fully accessible, usable, and without issues, as it has a high impact on the way customers reach out to you and buy your products or services.

The common model today is to run the crawler on the server side, crawl the site and then analyze the content. SiteLint Audits works in a next-generation model – all audits are running on your site when visitors arrive on your site. This gives more precise results because audits are running on the user environment. What’s working on one configuration of Device/OS/Browser doesn’t have to work on the other configuration. Hence running audits on the client side brings better results of testing across all combinations of Devices/OSes/Browsers.

Identify limitations

We saw major bottlenecks while working with server-side crawling as it is today:

  1. Environment is always the same: browser type, version, viewport size, operating system, network connection.
  2. Scanning content behind the firewall: very complex as every site owner implements its own way of authentication.
  3. Remediation process: once you get results from the scanning the next step is to decide from where to start fixing the issues.
  4. Monitoring: typically you want to scan all pages or decide to scan only selected pages in specific time intervals. That brings results from static scanning instead of pages that are actually being used.
  5. Multiple tools: using multiple tools requires more time to use them, and process the results and that leads to the complexity of the remediation process.

A new era of keeping the web app/site quality

So, we started designing and developing SiteLint to address all of the above issues. Focusing on determining issues directly on the client side that reflects a real user environment.

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