Find and fix web app problems that impact your users.

    Audit your site today to improve engagement for your audiences:

    • Determine problems that impact organic traffic via search engines – SEO.
    • Find out what impacts your slow site loading – Performance.
    • Ensure all users, including those with disabilities, can access the content – Accessibility.
    • Identify security vulnerabilities – Security.
    • Track and solve technical issues that prevent users from your site usage – Quality.

    Say goodbye to crawling. All web app audits are performed client-side which means real users, real networks, and real devices. That changes the game.

    No credit card required.  Easy to setup. 14 days trial.

    SaaaS – Site Audits as a Service

    Perfection redefined

    SiteLint Platform Audits section

    How it works

    1. Sign Up.
    2. Copy and put the initial code snippet on your site.
    3. Get reports in the Platform.


    1. Accessibility, SEO, Performance, Privacy, Quality, Security, Logs – all in one place.
    2. Monitor and audit unlimited sites, in real-time, without crawling or auditing in specific time intervals – 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year.
    3. Time and resources saving by helping you to avoid writing complex end-to-end tests.
    4. Collect results from real users, networks, and devices.
    5. Improve significantly remediation process by knowing which pages reported most issues.
    6. Get the full report and find out how many pages each issue occurs.
    7. Automate and manage false positives directly in the code.
    8. Find out how many pages have the same problem. This significantly improves the remediation process.
    9. Find out which issues require manual verification.
    10. Get our recommendations to improve further your site.
    11. Measure Core Web Vitals across all pages.
    12. Perform audits securely excluding sensitive data from reports.
    13. Integrate with your CI/CD pipeline.
    14. Manage site quality, issues, and remediation process under your organisation’s workspace.
    15. See devices where the issue happens.
    16. Run audits behind a firewall (authentication) without limitations.
    17. Support for Single Page Application type.
    18. SiteLint WordPress plugin to use it on the WordPress sites.
    SiteLint Dashboard - Rule Report

    Our Services

    • Automated Audits

      Get access to our SiteLint Audits Platform and perform active real-time automated audits. No random scanning. Just pages and reports used by your users!

    • Support in Development

      Have you found issues, but not sure how to fix them or where to start? Want to include SiteLint into your CI/CD pipeline? We are truly an integrated part of your team. Get in touch so we can help you.

    • UX / UI Support

      Applying UX/UI rules that includes Accessibility can be done before software development starts. Follow our UX / UI checklist and get support on how to implement solutions.

    • VPAT Services

      If your organisation requires Section 508 conformance, you need a VPAT.

    • User Testing

      Testing using different devices, handle cases that can’t be automated.

    • Trainings

      Practical and simple trainings based on our findings and experience.


    • Accessibility

      ADA, AODA, WCAG 2.1 compliant, user/mobile testing, remediation, VPAT services, UX/UI consultations. We help organisations to scale the accessibility program.

    • Quality and Tracking Errors

      Track JavaScript runtime errors. Find invalid links, excessively large images size and more.

    • Performance

      Monitor, analyse and optimize your website or application speed and performance, based on performance best practices.

    • Privacy

      Determine tracker IP anonymisation settings, mixed HTTP and HTTPS content and more.

    • Security

      Determine missing HTTPS protocol, check for links to cross-origin destinations and more.

    • SEO

      Get technical SEO advice that along with content marketing and link building impacts on the higher ranking and increased traffic.

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